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Studies show that nearly $1 Trillion a year is lost to machine failures and the largest single contributor is the automotive market.

The True Cost Of Downtime recently published report, shows that Automotive plants lose 29 production hours per month, costing them $557 billion a year, an estimated 20% of annual revenue, recognizing the need for Predictive and Prescriptive Maintenance.

DYNAMOEDGE has a patent pending Advanced Real-Time Machine Learning Streaming Method that on-the-fly predicts ahead of time when a vehicle failure will happen and issue an imediate command to prevent the failure, unattended. We benchmarked our technology with the fastest and most complex mobile devices available: Racecars.

In this paper we demonstrate how DYNAMOEDGE was able to predict machine failures real-time, 15 laps / 10 minutes / 27miles in advance.





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