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DynamoEdge, in partnership with Tessolve, has equipped IndyCar race cars with over 300 sensors that are controlled by the application board. Utilizing AT&T 5G and ML, pit crews could predict car failures within 15 laps.

Using S32G2-based SOM and telematic gateway application board and solutions, DynamoEdge and Tessolve Targeted for industrial and automotive applications.

– Hardware

  • Processor: S32G274A
  • Wireless Connectivity: Wi-Fi 6 or 5G/LTE
  • AI Accelerator or NVMe Storage compatible
  • GNSS module supporting GPS + GLONASS and IMU 6 Axis Sensor
  • Ethernet: 2x 10/100/1000 ports

– Automotive Networking:

  • 8x CAN
  • 2xFlexCAN
  • 4xLIN
  • 1xFlexLIN
  • 1xFlexRay


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