The Future of Continuous Intelligence is Here.

Distributed AI at the Edge.


Turn your data into actionable results

With a scalable Real-Time IoT solution.


DynamoEdge Technology.

The First platform ever to predict racecar failures in real-time, 15 laps in advance, at 240mph.


Imagine if you could peek into the future to correct the present...

Leading the explosive growth of Continuous Intelligence by demostrating the most powerful Vehicle 3.0 Real-Time Intelligence Platform.

DynamoEdge by the Numbers

IOT Speed








Actionable Analytics, for Real

Without DynamoEdge technology, IndyCar teams could only analyze race data after the race, making any predictive capabilities worthless. With DynamoEdge’s actionable predictions, teams can instantly make race-winning decisions in real-time. DynamoEdge can adapt this technology to almost any situation requiring high-speed and scalable analytics solutions to turn data into actions by working with customer domain experts.

Five steps

Data Ingestion

Fuse live data from hundreds of sensors, IoT devices, and assets.

AI on the fly

Apply ML and AI close to the data source.

Data Enrichment

Distribute AI in every step of the process.

Lowest Latency

Embedded Quality of Service.

Actionable Output

Visualize instantaneously prescriptive and predictive results.


5G Unlocks the Value of real-time data

Dynamoedge offers a Secure and Scalable Chip-To-Cloud Real-Time Intelligence.

Lossless Data Collection

We designed an event-based data collector that runs unattended so that each vehicle can monitor the status of hundreds of sensors and make decisions based on real-time information and situational awareness. Dynamoedge Lightspeed Investor can fuse and analyze over 600 sensors and devices at ultra-high speeds.

Sustainability at the Edge

Our platform that applies Edge AI on the fly, our results are collected before any data storage takes place. Our models learn with seconds of training, changing how we think machine learning, removing the need for expensive data collection and training on legacy data—reducing up to 90% in cloud processing and storage cost.

Enriching your journey

By breaking up and distributing machine learning algorithms across the entire transmission pipeline from the sensor to the cloud, we create an infinitely scalable solution that can turn raw data into streaming predictive and prescriptive outputs.

Securing the Lowest Latency

Our architecture is designed to secure the best quality of experience by synchronizing cellular connection and device telemetry to the vehicle and the passengers inside of it, ensuring the lowest latency for accurate real-time service.

Delivering Real-Time RoI

Our Intelligence Layer delivers intuitive visualizations and automated results. Easy to install over an existing or new device, empowering you to be One-Click away from Actionable Results in minutes.

Changing the Future of Mobility

  • Business Intelligence
  • Prescriptive Maintenance
  • Enhanced Safety
  • Asset Performance Optimization
  • Condition Based Monitoring
  • Predictive Quality of Service
  • Personalized Solutions


Driving innovation · 

Driving innovation · 

Driving innovation · 

Driving innovation · 

Driving innovation · 

Consumer Electronics

Transforming Hardware to a direct Data-Source for your customers:

Autonomous Devices reduce failures and cost resulting in fewer user calls, truck rolls, and fewer returns, increasing profits and customer satisfaction. On-Device AI gives your customers the data they need to succeed, as SaaS


Intelligent Fleet:

Reduce massive data costs by compressing it in real-time, predicting hardware failures, receiving real-time fleet diagnostics, and scheduling preventive check-ups when an issue is detected.


Prescriptive Maintenance.

We detect a live anomaly pattern by monitoring tire vibration and act before it becomes a problem. We can proactively notify the user that it could not be fixed via self-healing techniques, and we can even make an appointment at your favorite s when your schedule is free.


Load Prediction:

Pre-loaded user maps allows the network to proactively reserve the appropriate loading to deliver the best customer experience.

DynamoEdge Continuous Intelligence Leader Developerthe fastest Real-time Analyticsnext Generation technology for OEMs

Continuous Intelligence Leader Developer

DynamoEdge is the leading developer of a scalable Real-Time Continuous Intelligence Solution that turns your data into actionable results for mobile and enterprise IoT applications.

The fastest Real-time Analytics

DynamoEdge software platform unlocks the potential of real-time analytics at the edge, enabling a new class of proactive solutions for machine performance optimization, zero-trust security, prescriptive services, and operational intelligence use cases.

Next Generation technology for OEMs

DynamoEdge’s technology is ideal for OEMs, components and silicon manufacturers, Internet Service Providers, system integrators, and end customers in the automotive, manufacturing, transportation, industrial, healthcare, education, and mobility markets.

Why us?

Because we are a proven platform, ahead of the pack.

Other technologies attempt to do all the analytics in one place on the network, meaning either the analytics is underpowered when done close to the source or computational requirements grow exponentially when done in the cloud. At the same time, the latency between data ingest and analytics output increases as well, which can be the difference between passing a safe intersection or a crash for an autonomous vehicle.

Proven platform


Edge Analytics


Lower latency


Safer autonomous vehicles


Dynamoedge is the leading company that has predicted the future with AI edge analytics in real time.

Meet our team

Barbara Bessolo

Barbara Bessolo

Chief Executive Officer

Christos Lagomichos

Christos Lagomichos

Chief Product and Strategy Officer

Jeff Lye

Jeff Lye


Jessica Lee

Jessica Lee

Head of Marketing & Communications


Working closely with key communications carriers and technology leaders around the world, deploying new solutions based on enriched data streams
including Location Intelligence (LI), Sensor Telemetry (ST), and Machine Learning (ML) derived from Mobile Network Events