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Real-Time AI opens high-value business opportunities across the transportation, logistics, and infrastructure segments to improve their operations and customer services.

Take as an example the predictive maintenance market, which is expected to grow from USD 8B in 2022 to USD 67B by 2030, most maintenance and repairs are done following a fixed interval of reactive scheduling, and there is little visibility around the volume of vehicles that need to be serviced in real-time, even less ahead of time, leading to decreased safety conditions, inefficiencies in downtime, service scheduling, replacement parts ordering, and inventory, among others.

TERA AUTONET-RTI OBD is an aftermarket SaaS platform that unlocks the value of real-time data by delivering proactive fleet diagnostics to improve logistics and allow OEMs and dealers to initiate and manage the maintenance process ahead of time.

This award-winning AI platform generates a digital twin of the fleet in less than 4 seconds, analyzes each sensor in real-time, and recommends users proactive actions to take to improve road safety, vehicle health, maintenance cost, and overall efficiency of the assets.

The platform monitors every tire in the fleet that can affect driver safety ahead of the red light, prescribes a solution, and routes the vehicle to the closest service station.

The product is best suited for new and existing fleets, logistics, field operations, and infrastructure companies seeking to increase safety, reduce cost, and deliver the best quality of experience.

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