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Dallas, Feb 8th, 2022 – Tessolve, a Hero Electronix Venture, is a multinational semiconductor and systems engineering company that offers end-to-end solutions and works closely with silicon and original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) to productize their platforms from design to deployment.

DynamoEdge is a US-based company that offers a breakthrough Real-Time Artificial Intelligence Platform capable of streaming continuous actionable predictions. DynamoEdge partnered with 5G Telecom leaders to deploy real-time software applications.

Today the companies announced TERA, Tessolve’s Edge Real-Time Analytics Service Gateway, powered by DynamoEdge Edge AI software. This gateway is driven by a powerful NXP S32G2 vehicle network processor and integrates the vehicle sensor telemetry and 5G network connectivity data into a single design to deliver a seamless user experience at very low latency and high speeds, crucial for the Automotive, Autonomous Vehicles, and Industry 4.0 markets.
TERA is the first platform that integrates device telemetry, 5G network data, and Edge AI applications on a single design to deliver plug-and-play solutions right out of the manufacturing line.

The solution benefits include:

  • Connected Cars: By streaming continuous Tire and Sensor Health Intelligence, OEMs will predict and prevent car failures, increasing safety, saving high storage costs, and reducing carbon emissions.
  • Autonomous Vehicles and V2X applications: With Predictive Quality of Service (PQoS) Routing, autonomous vehicles can know the best path to move and operate, reducing traffic congestion and improving passenger safety.
  • Public safety: First Responders will be able to predict when an oxygen tank will run empty and replace it advance, helping save lives in real-time.
  • Bicycles and Motorcycles: 5G Bikes can monitor weather conditions, predict traffic congestions, and fuel shared mobility.
  • Healthcare: Delivering a personalized health experience that secures continuous connectivity for patients and doctors.
  • Industry 4.0: Predicting a machine malfunction before it takes place, saving downtime and increasing productivity.

“DYNAMOEDGE is the leader in developing a scalable streaming chip-to-cloud IoT solution for turning telemetry into actionable intelligence, in real-time. We develop an infinitely scalable solution that can turn raw data into streaming predictive and prescriptive outputs by breaking up and distributing machine learning algorithms across the entire transmission pipeline. This integration with Tessolve’s TERA gateway accelerates the delivery of our automotive solutions, now ready to be enjoyed out of the manufacturing line.” – Barbara Bessolo, CEO and Founder of DynamoEdge.

“The Tessolve Edge Real-Time Analytics (TERA) Service Gateway integration with DynamoEdge Analytics marks an important milestone for Tessolve Semiconductor by delivering an intelligent platform for the automotive, transportation, autonomous, first responders, and industrial markets, where scalable predictive and prescriptive services are now one of the strategic offerings of Tessolve Semiconductor. I am excited about the opportunities and growth of our partnership with DynamoEdge” – Srini Chinamilli, Co-Founder and CEO of Tessolve Semiconductor.



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