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DynamoEdge patent-pending Artificial Intelligence algorithms train within seconds and deliver predictive results to the IndyCar team’s pit crew, enabling them to adjust the strategy as the race is taking place. Avoiding expensive simulations that do not look at a real-world scenario, reducing downtime and significantly enhancing driver safety.

Racecars are complex machines equipped with hundreds of sensors generating massive amounts of high-speed, low-latency data, just like the future Software Defined and Autonomous vehicles. This upcoming explosion of 5G data is forecasted to increase the world’s energy consumption by 170% in the next four years, which will slow down the deployment of new services unless 50% of the world’s data is processed in real-time with solutions such as DynamoEdge.

DynamoEdge partnered with indisputable market leaders such as AT&T, Palantir, NXP and Tessolve to bring these innovative mobility services from Indiana to the world!

DynamoEdge drives the Next-Generation Mobility Platform with market giants during the IndyCar season closing.


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