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AT&T and DynamoEdge Collaborate to Increase the Efficiency of Fleet Operations

Dallas, TX, October 10, 2023 – AT&T and DynamoEdge, a premier AIoT solutions creator teamed up to help inform decision-making for the transportation and infrastructure sectors.

This initiative is part of AT&T’s efforts to increasingly incorporate analytics and AI into its operations to realize efficiencies and enable more proactive decision-making.

Seeking ways to further explore fleet efficiency, AT&T tapped into DynamoEdge’s know-how. The collaboration combined AT&T’s vast vehicle fleet, cloud computing and wireless communication expertise with DynamoEdge’s AUTONET AIoT technology.

Central to this work is AUTONET, which offers cost savings, elevated customer service, and CO2 emission reductions. AUTONET’s standout feature, tire-health prescriptive analytics, predicts tire issues and can direct vehicles to suitable service stations. This reduces downtime and bolsters safety. Its AI analyzes countless variables, offering timely, actionable insights for enhanced fleet operations.
Erian Laperi, Assistant Vice President of Technology Transformation at AT&T, remarked, “AUTONET insights, applied at scale, could translate into a significant value to fleet operators. AUTONET’s innovative technology and insights can help further improve user experiences for operators.”

Barbara Bessolo, CEO of DynamoEdge Company, shared, “This collaboration with AT&T offers essential insights into scaling a global platform capable of anticipating the efficiency of fleets and network operations in real-time, to deliver solutions that set new standards for the global transportation and smart mobility markets.”

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