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Denver, Colorado Oct 27, 2021 ( -We are thrilled to announce the partnership between the Indiana-based DynamoEdge and Colorado-based Recycle Global Exchange (RGX).

DynamoEdge it’s an Edge AIoT Service Platform that monitors, diagnoses, predicts, and prevents electronic failures in real-time. RGX is the first digital business-to-business marketplace for e-waste and IT asset disposal (ITAD). Together our companies are tackling the challenges of reducing machine failure and responsibly recycling retired equipment.

“The partnership between RGX and DynamoEdge has the potential to play a major role in improving the environmental performance and sustainability of the IT asset disposition industry,” commented John Lingelbach, the founding executive director of Sustainable Electronics Recycling International (SERI).

Electronic maintenance, repair and recycling is a growing problem. Machine failure costs businesses $1 trillion each year (The True Cost Of Downtime), and the growing mountain of e-waste annually now tops 57.4 million tons–outweighing the Great Wall of China (WEEE Forum). DynamoEdge and RGX aim to be part of the solution to the electronic waste problem by integrating a transactional platform to proactively manage assets, reducing carbon emissions, and increasing the responsible disposal of e-waste and ITAD.

“Imagine a true circular economy, where devices can be virtually diagnosed, replaced and disposed of before a critical failure occurs, saving massive amounts of downtime, personnel and really improving the end customer experience. This is a key area of differentiation for RGX where DynamoEdge’s Platform is allowing us to re-invent the future of Asset Management,” said Sean. Milles, CEO of RGX.

“RGX will now be able to coordinate the disposal of e-waste more efficiently by using machine learning forecast technology to communicate the date, location and amount of disposal needed, enabling a variety of new Cloud Workforces Value Added Services.”– said Barbara Bessolo, CEO of DynamoEdge. “We are honored to be selected to give RGX an additional edge, The DynamoEdge.”

It’s time for you to join us too!

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