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We are proud to belong to the 21 Most Innovative Machine Learning Startups & Companies in Indiana.

This article showcases the top picks for the best Indiana based Machine Learning companies. These startups and companies are taking a variety of approaches to innovating the Machine Learning industry, but are all exceptional companies well worth a follow.

Data Magazine tried to pick companies across the size spectrum from cutting edge startups to established brands. They selected these startups and companies for exceptional performance in one of these categories:

– Innovative ideas
– Innovative route to market
– Innovative product
– Exceptional growth
– Exceptional growth strategy
Societal impact

Top Indiana Machine Learning Startups
Data sourced from Crunchbase and SemRush.



Aunalytics offers a data science platform that enables businesses to use large amounts of disparate data to solve problems.

Qualifi is a software company enabling on-demand phone interviews with AI, machine learning, and automation.

FloWaste Inc.
FloWaste is a food analytic platform that optimizes supplier comparative analysis, meal performance, and food wastage.

Perceive, Inc.
Consumer behavior analytics for the non-digital/physical world leveraging 3D cameras and AI.

AI driven Customer Analytics and Predictive Insights platform. Increase return on Customer. Deploy in your own cloud.

Araqev offers additive manufacturing and 3D printing using machine learning algorithms that results in less scrap and machining time.

Invoke Learning
Invoke Learning is a cloud AI technology company focused on delivering intuitive artificial intelligence solutions to higher education.

Phone-Based AI Moderation

Utiliz is a software application that uses machine learning to help water companies predict pipe failures and manage their assets.

DynamoEdge is an RT intelligence platform built for enterprises needing streaming Analytics for high-density & low-latency applications.

Telemetry Sports
Uses machine learning, neural networks, and other analytical methods to transform the way NFL organizations evaluate player performance

FWDNXT Inference Engine provides the highest utilization of any machine-learning and deep neural network processors.

Loop Technology Inc
An Artificially Intelligent & Augmented Reality Social Platform

Infinite AI
Infinite AI is an applied R&D software startup with a significant focus on healthcare, warehouse, and enterprise solutions.

Predictive Partner
Predictive Partner is a data science firm that solves critical business problems.

Happy Data, LLC
Helping people in their pursuit of happiness using big data and machine learning.

Semiring offers explainable artificial intelligence and natural language processing products.

Pynco is an artificial intelligence company specializes in the precision machining of glass.

Inroads Analytics
Inroads Analytics offers predictive analytics and machine learning for enrollment management services.

nShore Consulting
nShore Consulting provides machine learning, advanced analytics, technology portfolio risk management and digital ecosystem services.

Machine Learning for Supply Chains. thinkSCM is a cloud-based SaaS solution.

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